Benefits of GPS Tracking

Improved Customer Service

GPS will provide exceptional insight for your business and your customers. Imagine, your customers can call your service department requesting an ETA of their delivery or service. You can now let them know or see exactly where the driver is!

Increase Productivity

Because of the ability to track drivers’ hours worked, this also allows fleet managers to make better use of an employee’s time. The GPS tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and keeps record of what work they are doing at that time.

Theft Recovery

In the case of a vehicle theft, a GPS tracking system is the best tool for any fleet company. Be notified with alerts and mapping data to help you identify whether the vehicle has been stolen and inform the authorities of its location to enable a quick recovery.

Improve Safety

Not only will drivers be more responsible because they are aware of the GPS monitoring, but fleet managers will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires any assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or any emergency situation, fleet managers can send roadside assistance to help their driver.

Minimize Fuel Costs

You can’t control the price of gas, but one of the best benefits of GPS tracking is the ability to observe a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The system will cut down on the amount of money spent on fuel by eliminating vehicle idling, driver speeding, any unauthorized usage, and gives fleet managers the ability to optimize routes.

Lower Operational Costs

Using GPS tracking software allows fleet managers to see who is taking inefficient routes or using a vehicle for unauthorized purposes. Not only will it solve on the road issues, but it provides an accurate readout of the hours that drivers claim to have worked.

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